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Spring is not officially here as we had another blast of 30 degree temps last night, but it is trying. The baby chicks are growing, the ducks are eating us out of house and home and have more than tripled in size. We moved the babies in the chicken coop with the big girls. Right now they just think the little things are slightly annoying. That is if they actually think at all. Haha. Anyway, there has not been a ton of time to sew with the farm duties but I plan on at least trying to clean up in there a bit today.
My very next project is to quilt a baby quilt for a baby that is due next week. Nothing like waiting until the last minute. After that, I will be doing some repair work. An online friend sent me some vintage 30’s fabrics to repair some of my grandmother’s quilts that are in desperate need.
I wanted to replace the torn areas with vintage fabrics and now I can.

I thought I would leave you with this
A view from my bedroom.
Stay tuned….

2 thoughts on “Ahhh

  1. I would love to get chicks. But with the constant snow and 0 degree weather I don’t think they would last long and the hubby forbids animals into the house.

    • Hubby might be right on this one (although I certainly wouldn’t tell him). They get stinky very quickly.

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