A Departure

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I finished a landscape quilt and actually entered it into a quilt show. I do not know yet if it has been accepted. Unlike bed quilts, baby quilts, table runners etc there is no way to know if it is good or not. Art quilts are subjective and I guess unless given outside validation I will never know. Any way, here it is

Here is to you Uncle Bud!

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Here is a wonderful bittersweet tale. My favorite Uncle Bud died last night. Before you get too sad let me just tell you a little story. Yesterday he got his 94 year old self up and had his coffee with lots of sugar (he gave me my first coffe when I was less than 2). He proceeded to carry on his day as usual which included feeding hay to his beef cattle and checking in on a couple of expectant cow mamas. Finished his day, had dinner talked to his daughter on the phone. Then his son came over for a bit and he visited with him. After that he motioned for my aunt to get out of his spot on the couch which she did and he sat down and died. I will miss him desperately but don’t we all wish we could end our days like that?

Here is to you!

His response would be, “aw horse feathers”. 

Where is the Sun?

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I am a sunaholic for sure. The need is not to bask outside in it every day but at least to see it. Winter is of course the most gray time of the year. So…….I need the sun. With that said, I did get a little work done yesterday. Piecing a baby quilt with a different method at least was interesting. I pieced it yesterday and will quilt next week.


Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

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Tomorrow night will be the anniversary of the birth of a precious little baby girl. She was born a little outside of New York City. I made this in celebration of her very late entry into the year of 1988. Happy Birthday Miss Pick. 🙂


Christmas is Almost Here

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Christmas is tomorrow and I finished the final project today. Nothing like the last minute. My daughter is hosting the Christmas get together at her house this year so I am not as stressed as usual (I bet she is though).
Here is the baby quilt for a friend’s new grandson. It is a pattern from the Moda Bake Shop called “Boxes of Color”. I just love the simplicity of the pattern. Moda Bake Shop


Merry Christmas!!