Christmas’ Last Hurrah

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Let’s face it, all days do not go as planned. Also something else we should face, we need adequate sleep to function. I have decided, with experience to prove it, that 3 1/2 hours of sleep is not quite enough. However, I did manage to get a little sewing done.
I am in an online quilter’s club (let the nerd comments begin) and we each exchanged blocks before Christmas. Here is the picture of the rows sewn together. image
The strips between the rows are not sewn just yet, but hey it’s something. Hopefully tomorrow it will be ready to quilt.

Stay tuned…..

One Down

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Ok the bird quilt is ready to be quilted. Yay!  I rent long arm space at my local quilt shop for bigger items. I have another quilt almost ready to go will try to finish that one tomorrow. With any luck, maybe I can quilt both in the same day and someday very soon.

Here is the first UFO down


Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. Lol. That is my darling although slightly goofy husband.

Stay tuned….

Happy Daughter’s Birthday!

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I thought I might need to change my tag line to the almost daily ramblings, however, here I am. There was no Quilty action today. Instead, today is my daughter’s birthday and I have enjoyed the nonquilty things today. Today was the take the Christmas decorations down day.  They are almost all down although there are two naked trees in my house.  Lol.
We took my daughter to dinner at a very yummy restaurant and now the two old folks are in for the night. Maybe we will see the new year in but most probably not. Next year will be…well, next year.

Stay tuned…..

A Non Quilty Day

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I’m sure most people understand when a day doesn’t go exactly as planned.  I planned to get finished with the bird quilt today but it wasn’t meant to be. It was a NQ day.
Sometimes life interferes with our planned events. Today was that day. I had an issue arise that was not so pleasant but maybe will be for the best in the long run. Parts of the day were very good.

This is the progress with the bird quilt. As you can see I was able to finish the crazy lady’s mistake.


Hopefully tomorrow, I can have it ready to quilt.

Stay tuned….


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Today was the day to start my huge stack of UFOs.  For those of you in the nonquilty world, this does not involve an unknown aerial body but instead, unfinished objects that are in every quilter’s workspace.
For today I decided to work on a bird quilt I started over a year ago. However, (this is the first introduction of the crazy lady) this is what I found.


Notice the gash in the middle of the border. Ok, so the crazy lady is the one who goes into my sewing room and screws stuff up rather frequently.  This leaves me to go in and clean up the mess.

Here is my solution


I decided to appliqué some of the bird squares onto the border. We will see how it turns out.

Stay tuned…